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Charlize Theron Was Actually Offered The Role Of Wonder Woman’s Mother

The list of Hollywood's double standards never ends.

Rumors have been circulating that the incredibly talented Charlize Theron was offered the role of Wonder Woman, but turned it down! And those rumors were addressed when the actress appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen this past Thursday, promoting her new film Long Shot. She cleared up the confusion. She was never offered the role of Wonder Woman. But she was offered the role of Wonder Woman’s mom.

Yes, this actually happened, proving that the entertainment industry still has an incredibly long way to go! In case you aren’t aware, Theron is 43 years old, only 9 years older that Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman herself in DC’s 2017 film. 9 years older! And unfortunately, this isn’t even the worst when it comes to age-inappropriate casting.

Hollywood seems to have this idea that once a woman reaches a certain age, she no longer is fit to play the leading lady. Only the leading lady’s mother. Times are changing, of course, but unfortunately there are still many people in the industry that think this is how it should be. And the same cannot be said for men. Look at George Clooney or Bruce Willis, for example. Or even someone like Matt Damon, who is 5 years older than Theron, but still getting offered lead roles in action films.

In August of last year, BBC released a 10 minute skit/short that was as comedic as it was tragic, showing what the audition process can be like for women. And when Lena Headey entered the room, the casting directors scoffed and said that they were looking for a leading lady, not a leading lady’s mum.

The role ended up going to Connie Nielsen, who is 10 years older than Theron, and much more suited to play the role. And while Theron insists she’s fine with it, she still has trouble believing there’s such a double standard. Hollywood had made the decision that all of a sudden, she was more fit to play a mother than a leading lady, something we all know is ridiculous, of course! But still, it happens. And something seriously needs to change.

Watch the full interview down below.

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