Game of Thrones

John Bradley Has No Idea If He Knows How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actually Ends

Spoilers ahead!

HBO’s hit fantasy series, Game Of Thrones, is renowned for its shocking twists and turns. Even the most devoted, passionate fans often can’t predict what will happen next! But the one thing we all can say for certain is that Jon Snow knows nothing! And, it turns out, neither does his best friend!

John Bradley, who plays lovable misfit Samwell Tarly, visited The Ellen Show on Thursday to talk about his time on Thrones. And he’s as surprised as we are that he managed to survive the last episode!

Episode 3 of Season 8, titled The Long Night, features the Battle of Winterfell, where the Night King and his army finally face the living in full force. And as you can imagine, a lot of people died! But shockingly, Sam was not among the fallen, and even Bradley isn’t sure how he managed it!

“You know, people say things like, oh, Game Of Thrones is one of those shows where all your favourite characters die. And I’m like, ‘well what does that say about me? I’m still here!'”

-John Bradley

Our guess is Sam still has an important part to play. But will he die before the series ends? Ellen asks the actor if he knows how Season 8 will wrap up, but apparently Bradley has no idea what he may or may not know!

It is rumored that the series shot multiple endings to throw people off the scent, and the showrunners have admitted that even the actors only think they know how the show ends! But Bradley admits that they may have just said that to confuse both the actors and fans, ensuring no spoilers get leaked. Then again, it could be true! So, in short, Bradley has no idea what he may or may not know about the series finale of Game Of Thrones. Talk about a secretive show!

Watch the full interview with John Bradley down below.

The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones Airs Sundays At 9 On HBO.

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