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Did John Bradley Just Reveal That Sam Survives ‘Game Of Thrones’!?

The actor appeared on The Ellen Show on Thursday, and if you listen closely, he may have given a major hint!😱😱😱

The cast and crew of Game Of Thrones is, somehow, even more secretive than that of Avengers: Endgame. And unlike Endgame, who has actors like Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland, who, bless their hearts, have a knack for letting spoilers slip, the entire cast of Thrones have managed to keep everything from the eighth and final season under wraps. At least, until now!

John Bradley, who plays the lovable Samwell Tarly, appeared on The Ellen Show on Thursday to talk about surviving the Battle Of Winterfell, and if he has any idea how the series ends. And while Bradley admits that he isn’t entirely sure if he knows how the series ends or not, he did say this!

“Well, I thought I knew how it was going to end, and we definitely shot an ending. I can tell you that.”

-John Bradley

Maybe we’re overreaching, desperate for any hint of who makes it to the end, but his wording definitely set off some bells! Many of the actors have joked that the show has an ending, that an ending was shot, but no one has been specific about if they were present for the ending. We know why, of course, that would reveal if they survived. So, did Bradley just accidentally reveal that Sam survives!?

The truthful answer? Maybe. Sam is a character that has almost died many times. He’s been in countless situations that, quite frankly, we’ve been astounded (and relieved) by the fact that he survived. Even Bradley was surprised when Sam survived this most recent episode! We have a feeling he still has quite the part to play in the war to come. And if anyone could surprise us and survive it all, it’s Sam.

Watch the full interview down below.

The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones Airs Sundays On HBO.

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