Taylor Swift Releases New Single And Music Video ‘Me!’ Featuring Panic At The Disco’s Brendon Urie

This pastel-induced dream is a major change from Reputation, and we can't get enough of it.

Taylor Swift has proven yet again that she is the Queen of marketing, and of reinventing her style.

Swift has received a lot of hate in her time, but despite constant attacks from the media and from other celebrities, she always manages to come out on top. Why? Because while she has a singular sound, and while her songs are recognizable everywhere, she’s constantly changing her style. It’s why fans refer to her different albums as eras. Starting as a country sweetheart, she turned into a pop sensation. Her Red era was hipster chic in the cutest possible way, with a lot of vintage throwbacks. 1989 brought about old Hollywood glamour and fantastical scenery. And we can’t forget about Reputation. This was the singer’s biggest change. Reputation was edgier than any of Swift’s other albums, and one of the things that made it so great was the fact that she used the hate she received to her advantage. People called her a snake, so she made them her signature. People wondered if this was the new Taylor. She said herself in Look What You Made Me Do that the old Taylor was dead, after all. But she’s reinventing her style again, and it’s a pastel dream.

Swift has been teasing a new single and a new album throughout April, and the video has certainly lived up to our expectations. The song, titled Me!, features Brendon Urie, AKA the lead singer from Panic At The Disco. And the two were musically made for each other, their voices blending perfectly. Not to mention the fact that they look great together, too!

Swift wastes no time in her transformation. The video begins with a pastel pink snake slithering along pastel, rainbow colored cobblestones. As it hisses and strikes at the camera, it transforms into hundreds of pastel butterflies. And the rest of the video follows suit. Absolutely everything in this video is stunning and emits an aura of joy, from the scenery to the costumes. Swift is back and we could not be more excited to see what she does next! If this song and music video were any indication, this album is going to be the perfect, pretty, upbeat summer playlist that we’re hoping for.

Watch the music video for Me! down below.

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