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Emilia Clarke Walked Through Times Square Dressed As Jon Snow, And No One Recognized Her

This is the most awkward yet hilarious thing we've ever seen!

The Mother of Dragons, also known as Daenerys Targaryen, doesn’t get a lot of laughs on Game Of Thrones. But Emilia Clarke, who plays her, is always all smiles! Her costars often talk about her fun-loving nature and her hilarious tactics, so it should come as no surprise that she decided to dress up as Jon Snow for a day!

Clarke is currently pairing with Omaze for a contest to watch the finale of Game Of Thrones with her, and what better way to promote this amazing contest than on the streets of New York? Apparently, the shop was sold out of Daenerys costumes, leaving Clarke no choice but to dress as the King in the North himself, Jon Snow (yes, beard and all), and ask the people of Times Square if they’d be interested in entering the contest! But she doesn’t receive the welcome she was expecting!

A surprising amount of people have never watched Game Of Thrones, and those who have look at her like she’s crazy! It probably doesn’t help that she keeps talking to everyone about the North and the army of the dead, in true Jon Snow fashion.

In between talking to people, Clarke takes a break to go shopping, and simply must buy the Aquaman figure she comes across. ‘For later’, as she says.

The video is positively hilarious, and the contest itself is for an incredible cause, a charity that Clarke founded herself! The charity is SameYou, and seeks to improve/create more support services for people recovering from brain injuries. Clarke herself survived two brain hemorrhages, both during her time on Thrones. The fact that she is still alive and in such good health is truly a miracle, but if there were more services available, maybe it wouldn’t be so surprising. This is such an incredible opportunity, and such an amazing cause, so don’t forget to enter the contest!

You can enter the contest at Omaze, and find out more about SameYou on their website.

Watch Emilia Clarke hilariously dress up as Jon Snow down below!

The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones Airs Sundays At 9 On HBO.

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