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Trailer Watch: The Second ‘Men In Black: International’ Trailer Reveals More About Tessa Thompson’s Agent M

This trailer reveals a little more about the plot, and honestly, we think it looks really fun!

When it was announced that another Men In Black was coming, one without Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones, fans were more than a little hesitant. Reboots are all too common lately, and many of them have been falling flat. But Men In Black: International is not a reboot! Not even a soft one. If anything, it’s more like a spin-off.

The original Men In Black films took place in the US Headquarters, whereas this one seems to take place in the UK, and takes our agents all over the world. And anyone who has seen Thor: Ragnarok will know that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson make an unstoppable and hilarious dynamic duo. If any two actors could make this succeed, it’s them.

The second official trailer dropped on Thursday morning, and it gives us a glimpse of the threat, along with more details about the backstory of Thompson’s character. Apparently, she and her parents had an alien encounter when she was a little girl, and while the Men In Black wiped her parents’ memories, they didn’t wipe hers. She’s searched for 20 years for the Men In Black, and the fact that she manages to find them proves that she’s perfect for the job.

Agent M (Thompson) is partnered with Agent H (Hemsworth), and the two travel the world to defeat a new alien threat, one that can shape shift into any form, including Men In Black agents. This is the biggest threat they’ve faced!

Some fans are still hesitant about Men In Black: International, but if this trailer is any indication, we’re in for a fun and quirky film. Watch the newest trailer down below!

Men In Black: International Hits Theaters June 14th.

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