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The Jonas Brothers Are Finally Releasing A New Album In Less Than 2 Months

The album is titled Happiness Begins and it comes out on June 7th!

The Jonas Brothers broke the internet earlier this year when they teased their reunion. All of a sudden, we flashed back to our J-14 door posters and the sweet, summer days spent blasting their music while dancing in our bedrooms. We all thought we might receive one song, and honestly, that would have been enough for us. But the Jonas Brothers didn’t just reunite for 1 song. First, their single Sucker was released, and only a few weeks ago, Cool. And now? They have announced that a full album is coming in less than 2 months time!

That’s right! On June 7th, the Jonas Brothers will be releasing their first album in a decade! The album, like their previously released singles, will undoubtedly combine their individual sounds to create a truly unique and catchy vibe. Titled Happiness Begins, the brothers said that they want it to bring all the joy that their fans have brought to them. And Joe even tells us what his favourite songs are! Apparently, songs 7 and 10 are the best, though to be fair, he admits he has no idea which those are! And even Sophie Turner says the album’s going to be ‘lit’, making a surprise appearance at the end of the adorable announcement video. We cannot wait!

Take a look at the announcement video down below.

The Jonas Brothers’ New Album, Happiness Begins, Releases June 7th.

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