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Trailer Watch: The Final Trailer For ‘Dark Phoenix’ Teases Death And Devastation

Things are not looking good for any of the X-Men.

The final trailer for the highly anticipated Dark Phoenix arrived early Wednesday morning, and it is by far the most grim yet. From the looks of things, we’re going to be losing more than one member of the X-Men by the time the credits roll.

As excited as fans have been for this film, they’ve been equally hesitant, and there’s no question as to why. The last time we saw Dark Phoenix was in The Last Stand, the third film in the original X-Men trilogy. And to say that it failed to deliver would be an understatement. Watching Jean Grey’s transformation into Dark Phoenix, watching her lose herself and destroy those she loves, nearly tearing the world apart…it should be the definition of heartbreaking. The Last Stand simply fell flat.

But this is looking like a tale of epic proportion. No word yet on who Jessica Chastain is playing, or exactly how big her role will be. As far as the Dark Phoenix herself? It looks like it will take every member of the X-Men to stop her, but they seem to be divided on what that means. Some believe Jean is gone for good. But some still want to save her. It seems Scott may die trying. We’ll have to wait until June to know for sure!

Watch the final trailer for Dark Phoenix down below.

Dark Phoenix Hits Theaters June 7.

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