Game of Thrones

Kit Harington Pulled The Most First-World April Fools’ Prank On Wife Rose Leslie

And it completely backfired. 😂😂😂

We all know Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, AKA our favourite celebrity couple. What’s not to love? The two met on the set of Game Of Thrones, where they played love interests Jon Snow and Ygritte, and that love blossomed into a real relationship. Last summer, the two were married and invited countless of their Thrones costars to celebrate the day with them. But as much fun as it is to be married to the King in the North, it also comes with some mischief!

Last year, for April Fools’ Day, Harington pranked Leslie by putting a fake severed head, that just happened to look exactly like him, on a platter in the fridge. And yes, it was as hilarious as it was over the top! This year, Harington decided to go for something a little more subtle, but it totally backfired!

The Thrones star told Late Night host Seth Meyers that Leslie is obsessed with a specific brand of almond milk, so he wrote a fake article saying that the company was going out of business. But as soon as Leslie heard the news, she used his credit card to bulk order all the milk she could! He’s the first to admit that this is by far the most first-world prank someone could pull, but all the same, it’s purely epic.

Watch the hilarious interview down below.

The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones Premieres April 14 On HBO.

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