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There Is A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Reference In The Jonas Brothers’ New Song ‘Cool’

We are in LOVE.😍😍😍

It’s only April, but the Jonas Brothers have already broken the internet several times this year. From announcing their reunion, to releasing their first new single, Sucker, along with the video which starred the loves of their lives, including Game Of Thrones‘ own Sophie Turner, the band is more popular than ever before. And speaking of everyone’s favourite fantasy series, there is actually a direct reference to Thrones in the Jonas Brothers’ new song, Cool!

The band released their latest single early Friday morning, accompanied with another mesmerizing and eccentric music video. The guys are definitely re-branding, and it’s working. This new sound and look is both unique and refreshing, yet stays true to their classic vibe. And, of course, it just feels effortless.

Cool is filled with pop culture references, particularly surrounding James Dean, but there’s a not-so-subtle reference to Game Of Thrones, as well! Of course, this isn’t necessarily surprising! Not only is Game Of Thrones a cultural phenomenon, but the final season is premiering in less than 2 weeks! Not to mention the fact that Joe Jonas is engaged to Sansa Stark herself, Sophie Turner. It only seems fitting that this new single have a reference. And it’s literally going to make you laugh out loud.

“Oh I feel like Post Malone, when I get home / Sittin’ there, winnin’ like it’s Game Of Thrones / And now that we’ve made it, how complicated was last year?”


Truly iconic.

Watch the music video for the Jonas Brothers’ brand new single, Cool, down below.

The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones Premieres April 14 On HBO.

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