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David Harbour Joins Lineup For Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’

But who will he play!?😱

It’s a big year for David Harbour. Not only does he return as the lovable Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Things 3, but he also hits the big screen this month in Hellboy, as the title role. And, as it turns out, that’s not all! It was just announced that Harbour will be joining Scarlett Johansson in Marvel’s highly anticipated Black Widow.

Ever since the character was introduced in Iron Man 2, fans have been rooting for Natasha Romanoff to star in her own film. She was the first female superhero in the MCU, the only female superhero in the original Avengers film, and let’s face it, she’s fantastically powerful and resilient. And yet, it wasn’t until last year that the announcement of the film was made. Why? No one’s entirely sure. Some say it had to do with the film’s rating, and as such, it was difficult to get green-lit. Others say it was due to conflicts, and some are saying it’s downright sexism. We may never know for sure, but either way, we are so excited that it’s finally happening!

The film will most likely begin production in June of this year, though the plot details have yet to be released. This could be, predominantly, an origin story, but it feels a little late for that. More likely the film will take place after the events of Avengers: Endgame, if Natasha survives. Florence Pugh is also set to star, and The Favourite‘s Rachel Weisz is also in talks to join the star-studded cast. No word yet on who exactly Harbour will play, but we know he’ll do it well!

Marvel’s Black Widow Will Begin Production This Summer.

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