Stranger Things Trailer Watch

Trailer Watch: The First ‘Stranger Things 3’ Trailer Is As Fun As It Is Frightening

With new friendships, new monsters, and a new mall, things are never boring in Hawkins, Indiana.

“We’re not kids anymore.”

-Mike Wheeler

The very first trailer for Season 3 of Netflix’s hit sci-fi series, Stranger Things, dropped on Wednesday morning. And it is nothing short of jam-packed. But perhaps one of the most poignant lines of dialogue in the almost 3 minute trailer is the one above, said by Mike Wheeler. If this trailer has told us anything, it’s that Season 3 is a whole new ballgame.

The trailer, scored perfectly with Motley Crue’s Home Sweet Home and The Who’s Teenage Wasteland, begins rather lightheartedly, assuring fans that the third season won’t be without its fun moments. Dustin returns home, though we’re not entirely sure from where. Maybe he went to some sort of summer camp? But his friends are set on surprising him. Eleven uses her powers to make all of his toys move into the living room, and then when she stops, they jump out and surprise him. Of course, Dustin is convinced this is some sort of Upside Down danger, and the surprise party goes awry quite fast and quite hilariously.

The gang is back together, and they’re larger than ever. Max and Eleven have become best friends, and it seems couples are all the rage, what with Mike and Eleven and Lucas and Max. But where does that leave Dustin and Will? Well, our prayers have been answered, and it seems that the Dustin/Steve bromance is alive and well. But we’re worried about Will. He is by far the sweetest of the group, and the series has not been kind to him. He may be in for more trouble this season.

Hopper and Joyce may finally get together this season, as the trailer shows some definite sexual tension between them. As for Nancy and Jonathan? We don’t see a ton of them, but they’re as broody as ever. No doubt they’re in for some more detective work this season. And as for Billy? All we know is that he’s working at the pool, and the girls are loving it.

Stranger Things is, by nature, a sci-fi show. But what makes it so successful is that it’s so much more than that. Stranger Things 3 is going to step up its game with its monsters, as we see by the end. But the Upside Down is not the only thing these characters are battling. They’re fighting their inner demons. They’re going through the struggles of growing up. Friendships, politics, monsters, everything will be tackled this season. And that’s why it will be the best yet. And luckily, there’s no sign of the Mind Flayer. Yet.

Watch the jam-packed trailer for Stranger Things 3 down below.

Stranger Things 3 Premieres July 4 On Netflix.

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