Stranger Things

Eleven And Max Are Besties In The First ‘Stranger Things 3’ Trailer

A LOT has happened since last season!

Season 2 of Netflix’s hit sci-fi series, Stranger Things, introduced a new character into our main group, a girl named Max. But she and Eleven didn’t end up meeting until the Season 2 finale! And they did not get on well at all. Eleven was very clearly jealous, worried that Max also had a crush on Mike. But by the end of the episode, Max and Lucas got together, and Mike and Eleven kissed at the dance. Of course, this only made us wonder…could this allow Eleven to warm up to Max? And it turns out, it did!

The first trailer for Season 3 for Stranger Things dropped on Wednesday morning, and it shows that Max and Eleven are not only close, but they look like best friends! Max dances around her room, singing, while Eleven flips through her magazine collection. It looks like they’ll hit the mall and go shopping together, the ultimate bonding experience. The girls even appear to get all dressed up together with the most ridiculous headbands, shiny shirts, and fancy gloves you can imagine. It seems these girls will be thick as thieves by the end of the season!

The end of Stranger Things 2 made us more than a little worried. We were so excited that another girl was being added to the group, and we were hoping that rivalry wouldn’t form between Eleven and Max. With that negative energy and tension between them being put to bed, these two girls can be the best friends we were hoping they would be. They both desperately need each other, and we can’t wait to watch this friendship blossom.

Watch the first trailer for Stranger Things 3 down below.

Stranger Things 3 Premieres July 4 on Netflix.

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