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Trailer Watch: Matt Smith Plays A Haunting Charles Manson In ‘Charlie Says’

Charlie Says, starring Matt Smith, focuses on Manson's cult, the Manson Family.

Our society has an intense fascination with serial killers. And in the information age, that fascination has only grown. Countless documentaries and films have been made about countless serial killers over the years, with so many of the movies blending together. But Charlie Says promises to stand out.

The film is about Charles Manson, who many still question, to this day, if he can truly be called a serial killer. But what everyone can agree on is that he was an extremely dangerous cult leader, and more than anything else, his cult is what Charlie Says seems to focus on; the Manson Family. More specifically, the three women who killed for Manson, Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Susan Atkins. They remain entranced with Manson, even in prison, until a graduate student is sent to help rehabilitate them, and learn the complexities behind their beliefs. But are they ready to face the truth?

The film is directed by Mary Harron, the woman who both wrote and directed American Psycho. And if Charlie Says is anything like it, we are in for one brilliantly crafted wild ride. The film also stars Sosie Bacon, who many will recognize as Sky from Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, Chace Crawford, who is known for his role as Nate in Gossip Girl, and Hannah Murrary who we all know as Gilly from none other than HBO’s Game Of Thrones! And most shockingly, Matt Smith will be playing Charles Manson himself. From the trailer, he not only looks, but sounds unrecognizable. And it is nothing short of bewitching. No doubt this film will be more of a psychological thriller than a horror film, and that’s one of the many reasons we are so intrigued. We’re definitely adding this to our list!

Watch the first haunting trailer for Charlie Says starring Matt Smith down below.

Charlie Says Hits Theaters May 10.

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