Disney’s New ‘Aladdin’ Trailer Gives Us Hope For Will Smith’s Genie

We may have had our doubts before, but Will Smith's Genie is nothing short of magical in this trailer.

After the first trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin dropped, Will Smith’s Genie quickly became something of a joke. The CGI left much to be desired, and quite frankly, none of us were entirely sold on the casting. Don’t mistake us, we love Will Smith, but he has some big shoes to fill. Robin Williams brought the Genie to life in such an iconic way…how do you compete with that?

But perhaps that’s part of the problem. We’ve all heard the phrase that comparison is the thief of joy, and that certainly proves to be the case with remakes. As long as we compare this film to the original, we’ll never be truly happy with it. Will Smith is not Robin Williams, but no one is. No one can be. And with that same thinking, no one can be Will Smith. Which means that, with an open mind and better effects, Will Smith’s Genie could become as lovable and dear to us as the original. And as we’ve seen in the latest trailer, Disney already took care of the effects.

On Tuesday morning, Disney released a glimpse into the whole new world of Aladdin, and it was truly magical. They pulled out all the stops for this trailer, and we’re so glad they did! It gives us so much hope. Will Smith’s Genie already looks ten times better than he did in the first trailer, and Smith’s performance seems not only believable, but truly enjoyable! They seem to revamping the Genie’s iconic song, Friend Like Me, but honestly, we’re okay with that. Smith’s voice is completely different than Williams’, so as long as it stays true to the original tone and sounds great, we’re not going to complain! The effects are vibrantly mesmerizing, and Smith’s Genie promises to deliver not just laughs, but some inspired wisdom as well.

We may have had our doubts at first. But this trailer has us on the edge of our seats and counting down the days until we can see it on the big screen! Is it May yet!?

Watch the brand new trailer for Disney’s live-action Aladdin down below.

Aladdin Hits Theaters May 24.

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