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The First 2 Episode Lengths Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Have Just Been Confirmed

This is a little shorter than expected.

We’re nearing the middle of March, which means that we have just over a month to go until the final season of everyone’s favourite fantasy series, Game Of Thrones, airs. Fans are clinging to every teaser and tidbit of knowledge the secretive HBO is releasing, from costume details to scenery! And while they have yet to release episode titles (which often doesn’t happen until closer to the premiere date), Game Of Thrones has finally released the official lengths of the first two episodes!

According to their schedule, the Season 8 Premiere of Game Of Thrones will be 54 minutes long, with the second episode coming in at 58 minutes. This is just under the estimated times that we received earlier this year, so fans are a little disappointed, especially considering that we were originally promised episodes that would be 2 hours long. But the series has guaranteed that the final season will be more intense, more emotional, and more epic than ever before. And they have yet to let us down. In Thrones we trust, but we’re still going to be praying to the Old Gods and the New. Just in case.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Airs April 14th On HBO.

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