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‘Captain Marvel’ Features A Tear-Jerking Tribute To Stan Lee

Thank you, Stan.❤️

Captain Marvel flew into theaters on Thursday night, and, of course, we were there to witness it. And we can truly say that it was a genuine pleasure to be watching the film. Captain Marvel is everything we hoped it would be. It is somehow the perfect combination of nostalgic and modern. It has its moments of hilarity, but isn’t afraid to be emotional. And as for Brie Larson as Carol Danvers? We wouldn’t have it any other way.

But walking into the theater, something felt different. After all, this is the first live-action Marvel film since Stan Lee’s passing in November of last year. We couldn’t help but wonder if and how Marvel would pay tribute to him, a man who created so many heroes, and inspired us to become our own. Well, Marvel Studios didn’t disappoint. In fact, the tribute was subtle, powerful, moving, and exactly fitting for our fearless leader.

At the beginning of every Marvel movie, there’s a short title sequence featuring some of the most epic clips of our favourite heroes from previous films. Slowly, the images fall into letters that make up the Marvel logo. It’s become iconic. But this time, instead of clips of Iron Man, Captain America, and the like, we see Stan. All of his cameos. His smiling face, reminding us, in a way, that he’ll never truly be gone. He lives on through his work, and through all of us. What else can we say, but the obvious? Thank you, Stan.

Captain Marvel Is In Theaters Now.

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