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Trailer Watch: The New Emotional Trailer For ‘Tolkien’ Is Here

Much like The Lord Of The Rings, this a story about love, war, and the great adventure of life.

Tolkien is a name that everyone knows. Whether you’ve read The Lord Of The Rings or not, whether you’ve watched the films or not, there isn’t a soul on this Earth who doesn’t know of Tolkien’s work. The author is a legend, and completely changed what fantasy, in fact, what all novels, could be. And anyone who is capable of bringing that kind of change must have lived an extraordinary life. This is what Tolkien is all about.

The film, starring Nicholas Hoult as Tolkien himself and Lily Collins as Edith, his wife, is all about the life of Tolkien. The turmoils he faced in both war and at home, the love he found, and the fellowship he formed. Each of these things played a great part in his writing of The Lord Of The Rings, and we’ll see this all unfold in the emotional biopic. This new trailer teases a visually striking, tear-jerking drama that will both move and inspire us as much as his work has. And we here at Fiction’s Mistress can’t wait to see it.

Watch the newest trailer for the epic biopic, Tolkien, down below.

Tolkien Hits Theaters May 10th.

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