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The Jonas Brothers Are Back: ‘Sucker’ Stars Both Sophie Turner And Priyanka Chopra

Our favourite boy band has reunited, and what better way to return than with their greatest loves by their sides.

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was blasting some of my favourite tracks, such as S.O.S. and Burnin’ Up on my purple CD player while hanging J-14 posters up of the very cute, very popular Jonas Brothers. They were at the height of their fame, and I made sure everyone around me knew how much I loved them. I’m not saying I had a door poster…but I’m not saying I didn’t.

We were all sad to see them break up, but excited when their careers took off in different directions. And to this day, we’ve been as interested in their love lives as we were when we were pre-teens. But today, the disbelief and excitement are palpable. You can feel it in the air. This is not a false alarm. The Jonas Brothers are back.

Yes, you read that right. Our favourite boy band is back and they are more powerful than ever! They released their first single in years early this morning, which, after almost 24 hours, is still #1 on trending. The song is titled Sucker, and not only is it as amazing as we hoped, the video is pure perfection.

The brothers are looking and sounding their best, but of course, they couldn’t make their return without the support of their leading ladies. Yes, the video also stars Joe’s fiance, Sophie Turner, AKA, Sansa Stark from Game Of Thrones, Kevin’s wife, Danielle, and newly weds Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. The video is extravagant, sexy, weird, and, unsurprisingly, features quite a few suckers.

We here at Fiction’s Mistress have always been unashamedly major fans of the Jonas Brothers, and to see them reunite sparks so much joy. This is exactly what we needed, and most certainly the best way to kick off the beginning of March. It’s going to be a good year.

Watch the official video for Sucker down below.

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