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Marvel Just Launched A ’90s Inspired Website In Honor Of ‘Captain Marvel’

This is the perfect throwback!

We officially have less than 30 days to wait until the incredibly exciting and long-awaited Captain Marvel hits theaters, and Marvel is not holding back with their marketing. From new clips and teasers, to posters and figures, the studio is pulling out all the stops, hyping the already highly anticipated film. And their latest move? A very retro, ’90s inspired website.

We all know that Captain Marvel will mainly be set on Earth in the 1990s, not only telling the story of how Carol Danvers got her powers, but also how she met Nick Fury, and, in turn, gave him the idea to start the Avengers Initiative. So, in tribute to the time, Marvel created a Captain Marvel site that genuinely looks like it came straight out of the ’90s, and it is nothing short of awesome! There are more throwbacks on this site than we can count, including a cheesy game! And of course, it’s very informative. Marvel is nothing if not thorough. Check out the new Captain Marvel website for yourself!

Captain Marvel Hits Theaters March 8th.

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