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You NEED To See Brie Larson’s Epic Dance Moves

The Captain Marvel star was more than happy to show off her amazing skills.

There is just over one month to go until the film we’re all waiting for, Captain Marvel, hits theaters, and you know what that means! The interviews have begun! And as a part of the press tour, Brie Larson visited The Ellen Show not only to talk about the film, but to help raise some money for a truly super challenge.

For those of you who don’t remember, when Black Panther hit theaters, a GoFundMe campaign was started by Frederick Douglas, a man who wanted to raise money for children in Harlem, who could not afford to see the film, to see it for free. Pretty amazing, right? Tons of GoFundMe campaigns followed, contributing to the Black Panther challenge, and now, Captain Marvel is doing the same thing.

The nonprofit organization We Have Stories started the campaign to allow young girls who would otherwise not be able to see the film, go see it in theaters for free. This is such an incredible campaign, especially considering that Captain Marvel is the first female superhero to lead her own film in the MCU. I and so many other women in my life wish we had a female superhero like her to look up to when we were kids, so this cause is very near and dear to many women. And Brie Larson was eager to help raise money. How, you may ask? By dancing!

When on The Ellen Show, she joined tWitch for a game called “Can tWitch and Brie dance…with what’s behind them?” And it is exactly what it sounds like! The two tried to copy the dance moves to iconic songs, and quite frankly, they nailed it! And together, they managed to raise $10,000 dollars for the campaign! Just when we thought we couldn’t love our Captain Marvel star more.

Watch the full video down below.

Captain Marvel Hits Theaters March 8th.

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