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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Episodes May Be Much Shorter Than Originally Promised

HBO themselves haven't yet confirmed anything, but this leak is a little disappointing.

The final season of HBO’s hit fantasy series, Game Of Thrones, comes with an equal amount of excitement and sadness. It is, without a doubt, the greatest fantasy epic on television to date, and seeing it go will not be easy. Especially considering the fact that the series is known for mercilessly killing its most beloved characters. And being the final season, we have no doubt that we can expect more deaths than ever before.

While saying goodbye to these characters is disappointing in its own right, fans just received another bit of worrying news about the final season. Reportedly, the episode lengths will be much shorter than promised.

In 2018, also known as the year without Thrones, it was teased that the eighth and final season of the series would have 6 episodes, each with a whopping runtime of about 2 hours. These are films in their own right, both in runtime and in scale, rather than episodes. But it seem that may not be the case, after all.

Earlier this week, Premiere magazine published a report from a meeting of French TV networks that announced the following runtimes for the final 6 episodes of Game Of Thrones:

Episode 1: 60 Minutes
Episode 2: 60 Minutes
Episode 3: 80 Minutes
Episode 4: 80 Minutes
Episode 5: 80 Minutes
Episode 6: 80 Minutes

Now, as we said earlier, HBO has not confirmed any of these episode lengths, which makes us believe that nothing is set in stone. But these may give us a rough idea of what we can expecting, and it isn’t an understatement to say the fans are worried. This is much shorter than we were originally promised. But hopefully, no matter how long or short the episodes may be, they will be well worth every minute. And we have a feeling they will be.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premieres April 14th On HBO.

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