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Stop Everything You’re Doing Because Chris Pine Rapped ‘Ice, Ice Baby’

We never realized we needed this in our lives.

We all know Chris Pine. From Into the Woods to Star Trek, Wonder Woman to Outlaw King, this man has done it all. And he does it well. And while we all know that he has a beautiful singing voice, what you may not know is that Chris Pine, occasionally, is prone to rapping. More specifically, he raps Ice, Ice Baby. Yes, this happened.

On Thursday night, the beloved actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the two had a discussion about their favourite musical genres and artists, along with bands that they loved seeing as kids. And when Jimmy asked Chris what song he first learned all the lyrics to, he received a surprising answer. No one was expecting Ice, Ice Baby, and of course, he had to prove it.

It seems he may have forgotten a few of the lyrics since he was a kid, but we’re still calling this the best celebrity news of the week. We never would have guessed that wee needed rapping Chris Pine in our lives. Who knew?

Watch the full interview down below. For the rap, skip to 6:20.

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