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Oscars 2019: Adorable Fan-Favourite ‘Bao’ Nominated For Best Animated Short Film

This is the first Pixar short to be directed by a woman, and she's Canadian!

If you went to see The Incredibles 2 this past summer, as we did, you probably were shocked at how moved you were before the film even started. Why? One word: Bao.

Bao is a Pixar animated short that was shown before The Incredibles 2, and the film is both adorably quirky and incredibly moving. Simply put, the short is about a charming and lovable Chinese dumpling that comes to life. The woman who is making the dumplings, while at first is understandably surprised, comes to love and care for this dumpling as if it were her own child. She becomes overprotective of her little dumpling, and the short film takes us on a bit of an emotional ride, filled with all the ups and downs of life, with a truly sweet and surprising ending.

Domee Shi, who directed the short, was hoping to pay tribute to both her Chinese and Canadian culture through this film, and both undeniably shined through. Many Canadians will recognize popular Toronto sites throughout the short, and through food and how the woman raises her dumpling, people can learn about/recognize Chinese culture.

Bao is sweet, moving, and there’s something about its essence that just feels Canadian. We know who we’ll be rooting for at the Academy Awards!

Watch this interview with Domee Shi for more insight into our favourite animated short.

The 91st Academy Awards Will Air On February 24th.

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