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New ‘Captain Marvel’ Posters Teases Epic New Characters

And yes, we even get a look at Goose!

With only 50 days, AKA less than 2 months to go until the highly anticipated Captain Marvel finally hits theaters, Marvel Studios is finally releasing more and more content! Only last week we received an incredible new trailer, and now, positively glowing new character posters to go along with it.

This is the first we’re seeing of much of the cast, which isn’t necessarily surprising considering that many character and plot details are on the secret side. These posters not only give us another beautiful look at the all powerful Captain Marvel herself, but also of young Nick Fury, without his signature eye patch, along with young Phil Coulson! We also see Jude Law donning his Kree armor, though it is still unconfirmed who he is actually playing. Friends and foes alike can be seen in these new posters, and who can forget Goose the cat? Consider us excited!

Take a look at these stunning new posters down below.

Captain Marvel Hits Theaters On March 8th.

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