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‘Aquaman’ Becomes The Third DC Comics Film To Hit $1 Billion At The Box Office

DC went less dark for Aquaman, and it clearly worked in their favor.

Whether we want to or not, there is at least a small part of us that can’t help but compare Marvel to DC. And no matter how much you may love DC, there’s no question as to why Marvel has had double the amount of movies hit $1 billion at the box office than DC has. It can be summed up in one simple term: the MCU.

It isn’t the idea of a universe itself that makes Marvel so successful. It’s their vision that they have stuck by so loyally since the beginning. They had a plan. Maybe DC did too, once. But it’s faltered. DC hasn’t been able to make up its mind in the past few years, in regard to their comic book films, at least. Disassembling their universe a few short years after they created it was one mistake. But arguably their biggest struggle has been their tone, or lack of it.

DC is notably dark, which can work in its favor, until it tries to throw in a joke where it just doesn’t fit. It’s in these moments where we see them trying to compete with Marvel. But recently, DC has been trying a different approach. A less competitive approach. And it’s been working for them. Wonder Woman was beloved by all, and Aquaman has followed in its footsteps, officially hitting the $1 billion mark after less than a month! This is a major achievement for DC, considering the only other two films to hit this mark were The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

Aquaman, which still played to DC’s strengths, had a noticeably lighter tone than many of their other films, and it clearly worked in their favor! With Jason Momoa bringing his natural, lovable, don’t mess with me charisma, he helped the film, and perhaps, in turn, DC, find the balance between light and dark. Funny, yet intense. And if this film is any indication, we can expect to see DC on the rise again. We can’t wait!

Aquaman Is In Theaters Now.

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