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Trailer Watch: Mads Mikkelsen Plays A Not-So-Retired Assassin In Netflix’s ‘Polar’

Mads Mikkelsen as an assassin? Count us in!

Mads Mikkelsen knows how to play a villain better than anyone. From
Kaecilius in Marvel’s Doctor Strange to the forever haunting Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal, Mikkelsen has played many villains we’ve loved to hate. And in some cases, we’ve even hated that we love them! But for Netflix’s latest endeavor, he’s turning the tables.

Polar, based on a graphic novel, is about Duncan Vizla, an ex-assassin who moves to the middle of nowhere for his retirement. But his retirement won’t be as quiet as he was hoping. As it turns out, if a former agent happens to die after retirement, a large sum of money goes back to the company. And we all know what happens when money is involved.

Mads Mikkelsen must fight off countless assassins and, in the process, save his neighbor, played by Vanessa Hudgens. He’s bringing out the big guns, and it looks like he’s no stranger to hand-to-hand combat, either! But make no mistake, he’ll be taking some hits, as we see he’ll be wearing an eye patch for at least part of the film. Mikkelson is always one to impress, so we can’t wait.

Watch the first trailer for Netflix’s Polar down below.

Polar Hits Netflix On January 25.

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