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Seth Rogen And Chris Evans Are As Shocked As We Are At This Surprising ‘Home Alone’ Fact

How did we never think to look this up!?

Whether Christmas movies are a part of your holiday tradition or not, there are some films that are unquestionably iconic. Take A Christmas Story, or Elf, for example. These movies are shown on TV so much during the holiday season that there’s a good chance you’ve at least heard of them, if not seen them more than once. Another perfect example of a classic holiday film is Home Alone, a movie where Kevin is literally left home alone by his unknowing parents, and must try to stop break ins and the like. Because obviously.

You probably remember that in the movie, Kevin watches a black and white gangster film, which he ends up using to scare Harry and Marv. This old film contains one of the most memorable lines of any holiday film ever. That, of course, being, “Keep the change, you filthy animal.” But what you may not have known is that film, in reality, does not exist.

You read that right. The film that Kevin is watching isn’t a real movie. They filmed the clips just for Home Alone!

We have Seth Rogen to thank for this startling revelation. And trust me, he wasn’t the only one shocked. Fans worldwide are more than a little confused, and Chris Evans is downright SHOOK.

My biggest question is how none of us thought to look it up! We all just accepted that this was some old film that was probably really popular when it came out. We never even thought to check. Well, that’ll teach us!

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