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Trailer Watch: Maisie Williams And Asa Butterfield Star In the Heartwarming And Quirky ‘Then Came You’

Nina Dobrev and Tyler Hoechlin also join the star-studded cast.

Imagine a film that somehow manages to be an odd combination of a comedy, drama, romance, and quirky coming-of-age tale all in one. That seems to describe Maisie Williams’ new film, Then Came You.

Then Came You, starring Game Of Thrones‘ very own Maisie Williams alongside the incredible Asa Butterfield, is about a hypochondriac who must face reality when he meets a girl with a terminal illness. The two quickly grow closer and together, they attempt to cross off everything on her list. In her words, “My to-die list. It’s like a bucket list, but not as lame.”

With a star-studded cast including Nina Dobrev and Tyler Hoechlin, we have no doubt this movie is going to make us bawl. Watching these two fantastically quirky characters bond and help each other…the trailer already is giving us shivers! We can’t wait for this one!

Watch the trailer for Then Came You down below.

Then Came You Hits Theaters In Spring 2019.

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