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Trailer Watch: Tessa Thompson And Chris Hemsworth Reunite In ‘Men In Black: International’

The pair proved to be a hilarious team in Thor: Ragnarok, and now they're back for more.

In 2017, Marvel Studios brought us Thor: Ragnarok, a film which, up until that point, proved to feature both the highest stakes and the best humor. And there’s no question that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson’s chemistry was off the charts. Not a romantic chemistry, to be sure, but a buddy-comedy type chemistry. Partners in crime, so to speak. And in their newest film, they play exactly that.

On Thursday morning, Sony released their first official trailer for Men In Black: International, a continuation of the organization we know and love with a whole new cast. Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson join forces in MIB: International to attempt to find the mole in the organization. The film promises to bring not only new spies, but new aliens, too. And any World Of Dance fans out there might recognize Les Twins briefly spotted in the trailer, bringing their out-of-this-world moves to the big screen! While some are skeptical of a Men In Black film without Will Smith, we here at Fiction’s Mistress have all the faith in the universe in Hemsworth and Thompson. If anyone can pull this off, it’s them.

Watch the first official trailer for Men In Black: International down below.

Men In Black: International Hits Theaters This Summer.

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