‘Daredevil’ Actress Amy Rutberg Says That Marvel Was ‘Very Surprised’ By Netflix Cancellation

Apparently the decision to cancel the beloved show was completely Netflix's.

Netflix’s Marvel shows have been dropping like flies. But none was more surprising than the cancellation of Daredevil, a show beloved by many and that still remains to be one of the streaming platform’s most popular shows. While Iron Fist‘s cancellation shocked few, none of us can understand why Daredevil suffered the same fate. Even the show-runners were shocked, considering they had mapped out the entire fourth season already! But according to Amy Rutberg, who played Marci in the popular series, the decision was entirely Netflix’s. 

“My contacts at Marvel were very surprised. Any of the rumors that it was a Marvel decision are wrong, I think it was purely a Netflix decision. That comes from personal conversations with people high up at Marvel. They were surprised…we had heard rumors we would start production as early as February 2019. It’s a little unusual to be that far ahead in the planning and cancel the show, which makes me think Netflix was laboring over whether or not to cancel it. My guess was it was not an easy decision.”

– Amy Rutberg

Why the show was cancelled remains a bit of a mystery, but the reigning theory is that it has to do with the fact that Disney is launching their own streaming service, and as such some of Netflix’s Marvel titles will have to leave the streaming platform eventually. But others theorize the cancellation simply happened because the cost of the show was not worth the benefit anymore. Marvel has assured fans that we haven’t seen the last of the character, though how he will reappear is uncertain. But at least we still have The Punisher and Jessica Jones. For now, at least.

The Punisher Season 2 Hits Netflix In January 2019. 

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