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‘Game Of Thrones’ Meets ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ In This Adorable Video Starring Kit Harington And Toothless

This is even better than a Season 8 trailer.

When we think of Kit Harington’s roles, we think of one above all others. The King in the North, Jon Snow is what Harington is best known for. But we often forget that Game Of Thrones is not the only dragon-themed thing he’s been in! In fact, he voiced the dreamy Eret in How To Train Your Dragon 2! And thanks to Universal Pictures, his long-lost audition tape has been found…and he wasn’t alone.

In this adorable clip, we watch as Kit Harington auditions alongside Toothless himself, and the result is as cute as it is hilarious! Especially when you remember that Harington is actually acting all of this out by himself! But there’s no doubt about it. These two make an excellent pair, and we need to see more of this onscreen. HBO, how would you feel about a crossover? 

Watch the video that will make your night down below.

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Hits Theaters In February 2019. Game Of Thrones Returns April 2019. 

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