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‘Game Of Thrones’ Creator George R. R. Martin Promises Fans That He Will Finish ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’

The author has been working on the sixth book in the series for over seven years.

While fans of HBO’s hit fantasy series, Game Of Thrones, have been waiting over a year for the 8th and final season, it is nothing compared to the waiting fans of the books have done. George R. R. Martin has been working on The Winds Of Winter, the sixth book of A Song Of Ice And Fire, for over seven years. Seven years fans have been waiting! And some wonder if they’ll wait forever for the end of the beloved series.

Martin himself has admitted that writing The Winds Of Winter has been an immense struggle for him. That’s no surprise, considering that the HBO show has now surpassed his own books. Though he plays a great role in the series, he almost has to compete with himself, which is far from an easy situation. But despite this, Martin has now made a firm promise to each and every one of his fans that not only will they see The Winds of Winter, but they will, in fact, read the end of A Song Of Ice And Fire.

“Me, I am back in my fortress of solitude, and back in Westeros. It won’t be tomorrow, and it won’t be next week, but you will get the end of A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE.”

George R. R. Martin

Well, you heard it, folks. In the meantime, we have the exciting (and no doubt heartbreaking) final season of Game Of Thrones coming next April, and Martin just released a novel titled Fire And Blood, all about the Targaryen lineage. We’ll take what we can get!

Game Of Thrones Will Return To HBO In April 2019. 

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