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Trailer Watch: Kenneth Branagh Is Unrecognizable As William Shakespeare In ‘All Is True’

This is a new twist on the story of a timeless playwright.

Countless works of fiction exist in this world, but how many truly, undeniably stand the test of time? How many can be retold, adapted, modernized, acted on stage and shown on film? Very few writers can boast such a feat, but one that can be named without a hint of hesitation is the great William Shakespeare. And we have seen his story told time and time again. But never quite like this.

All Is True, both directed by and starring the incomparable Kenneth Branagh, tells the story of William Shakespeare after he retired from writing. Shakespeare takes a look at his life, which, it seems, cannot slightly compare to the excitement of his plays. It promises to be equally hilarious and moving, with an immensely talented cast. From Branagh himself to Sir Ian McKellen and Judi Dench, this is not one you want to miss. 

Watch the first official trailer for All Is True down below. 

All Is True Hits Theaters In February 2019. 

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