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‘Friends’ Is Not Leaving Netflix In 2019

The streaming platform still retains the rights to the popular sitcom...for now.

Mass panic erupted on Monday afternoon when it was discovered that Friends would be removed from Netflix on January 1st, 2019. That is not how anyone wants to start the new year, thank you very much! Well, the popular streaming platform heard our cries of dismay and announced that our favourite sitcom is not leaving. In fact, the whole thing was basically just a mistake.

So, here’s the deal. Friends is not leaving in 2019. But, that doesn’t mean it will be on Netflix forever. The sitcom may indeed find a new home as Warner Brothers is currently talking about launching their own streaming platform. As such, they’re getting a little more hesitant with who they license their content to. But for right now, Friends is staying put on Netflix. And who knows! They may reach a new agreement with Warner Brothers. If this false alarm caused this much panic, I’m going to say it’s safe to assume they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the sitcom right where it is.

Friends is still there for you. Watch at your leisure. 

Friends Is Currently Streaming On Netflix. 

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