Ariana Grande’s Star-Studded ‘Thank U, Next’ Video Is Filled With Classic Movie References


When Ariana Grande first dropped her latest hit, Thank U, Next, a song where she mentions ex-boyfriends by name, the internet broke. And understandably so. The song is so much more than catchy. If you look past the beat, it’s quite a heartfelt and honest song with a pretty fantastic message. And today, it seems she’s breaking the internet again by finally releasing the highly-anticipated and extremely hyped music video…and it’s everything we hoped it would be.

Grande pulls out every single stop for this video, which is basically just one big reference to classic films. From Mean Girls to Bring It On, Legally Blonde to 13 Going On 30, the music video for Thank U, Next, is basically made for our generation. With appearances from beloved YouTubers like Colleen Ballinger and Troye Sivan, along with a mini Mean Girls reunion for Lindsay Lohan and Jonathan Bennett, there are too many familiar faces and references to count! Oh, she also managed to get Jennifer Coolidge to appear and reprise her role as Paulette from Legally Blonde. Oh! And she got Kris. Jenner. 

Yes, that happened. 

These are just a few of the many, many references in Grande’s latest video, which has already broken records, and it was only released hours ago! Ari, you killed this one.

Watch the music video for Thank U, Next down below.

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