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‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald’: How Luna Lovegood Is Related To Newt Scamander

This was a match made in the stars.

While the Fantastic Beasts franchise has countless references to the Harry Potter series, many don’t realize that Harry Potter actually references Fantastic Beasts, or at the very least, some of its most prominent characters! In fact, one of the most beloved characters of the Harry Potter series, both films and books, is related to the Fantastic Beasts protagonist, Newt Scamander! Who is related to him, you ask? None other than Ravenclaw’s very own Luna Lovegood.

It’s a subtle detail, to be sure. Easy to miss, especially considering that at the time of the Deathly Hallows, Newt Scamander was just a name to us. Nothing more. But after two films of getting to know Mr. Scamander, we’ve unquestionably fallen in love with him and are desperate to know more. And it turns out that Newt’s grandson, Rolf Scamander, also a Magizoologist, goes on to marry Luna and together, they have twin sons.

This little fun fact actually warms many Potterheads hearts, considering we couldn’t help but feel cheated that Neville and Luna never officially got together. Many think they would have been an adorable couple, and even Rowling herself agrees. In fact, she nearly made them a pairing. But in the end, she felt that would have been ‘too neat’, and while it used to seem more than a little unfair, after getting to know Newt Scamander, we’re glad the two remained friends. While Neville and Luna’s chemistry was undeniable, Luna was always more fanciful than Neville was. She always had her head in the clouds, and loved spending time searching for creatures that may or may not exist. It makes sense that she went on to become a Magizoologist, just like her husband and grandfather-in-law. We can just picture it now: the Scamanders and the Lovegoods in the woods for a family picnic, searching for some obscure creature that many don’t know exist, but they want to take care of. We have no doubt that despite the age difference, Newt and Luna clicked immediately, and got on like old friends. If only we ever see it on the big screen!

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald Is In Theaters Now.

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  1. I remember the first time my brother told me this, and at first I was shocked because I thought Luna and Neville DID end up together, but then I was really interested by how it all worked out, and the little quirks JKR puts in her books

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