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‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald’: What Is A Maledictus?

Everything you need to know about Nagini's blood curse, and how she is different from an Animagus and Lycanthrope.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald has been in theaters for just over a week now, and Potterheads can’t help but find themselves in awe of the countless, magical Easter Eggs that seem to be around every corner! This sequel holds a surprise for even the most loyal of Potter fans, including more information on Nagini, Voldemort’s Snake. At least, that’s how we always knew her: Voldemort’s snake. But as The Crimes Of Grindelwald shows us, Nagini is so much more than that. In fact, she was a human woman, once, as she is in this film. She is a Maledictus, a new term for most Potter fans out there. But what exactly is a Maledictus?

A Maledictus is a carrier of a rare blood curse, a curse that forces the person to transform into an animal. The transformation process is intriguing, because at times, they can control it. In The Crimes Of Grindelwald, we see her transform at will on more than one occasion. Once while in a cage, performing in a circus act, and once more while trying to protect Credence. But while she can transform at will now, that will change. A Maledictus will one day transform into the animal permanently, never able to be human again. 

Credit: Warner Bros

It’s worth noting that only a woman can be a Maledictus, meaning the blood curse is passed down from mother to daughter. And while Nagini turns to the dark side in the end, a Maledictus is not destined to become evil. That was just Nagini’s path. 

A Maledictus is NOT an Animagus, nor are they like werewolves. An Animagus can always transform at will, through years of practice. It is a result of wizarding training, not a curse. And werewolves can be either men or women, and the curse is passed on through bites and scratches, not from mother to daughter. A Maledictus is not, in any way, related to these two. Remember, while Nagini can transform at will during The Crimes Of Grindelwald, one day she will not be able to transform back into a human. This is what makes her different. She will one day become the snake who serves Voldemort so loyally. How or when, or even why for that matter, we don’t yet know. But no doubt time will tell.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald Is In Theaters Now. 

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