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Trailer Watch: Our Stunning First Teaser Trailer For Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ Is Here

Mark your calendars.

You may be hesitant, but afraid to say so. If so, you’re not alone. While the rest of the world jumped for joy at the news of a live-action remake of Disney’s classic film, The Lion King, we couldn’t help but pause. As excited as we were, we worried. Remakes are a tricky thing, and a live-action film that is almost completely CG/motion-capture could either be an unbelievable success or terrible disappointment. The Jungle Book is a perfect example of this.

Released in 2016, the remake fell short. Though it was visually stunning, unquestionably, the plot felt like it was missing something. We loved watching it, it was truly beautiful to behold, but we couldn’t help but wonder what we just watched. Or, quite frankly, why we watched it. But if that’s your fear for The Lion King, you can lay those fears to rest with this not only gorgeous, but moving teaser trailer.

Directed by Jon Favreau, the same man who directed not only The Jungle Book remake, but also Iron Man 1 & 2, this film promises to be filled with stunning, unbelievably realistic animation and a tear jerking, empowering story. And the cast is as jaw-dropping as the animation. From Beyoncé to Donald Glover, star-studded doesn’t quite sum it up. And did we mention that James Earl Jones is returning to voice Mufasa once more!? We could continue, but why don’t you see for yourselves the beauty of the trailer. Take a look.

Disney’s The Lion King Hits Theaters July 19th, 2019. 

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