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Trailer Watch: The ‘Once Upon A Deadpool’ Teaser Is The Ultimate ‘Princess Bride’ Reference

Deadpool 2 is hitting theaters for the second time this year...with a bit of a twist.

We have to admit, when it was first announced that Deadpool 2 was getting a PG-13 cut, we were more than a little hesitant. Part of the greatness of Deadpool is its unashamedly crude humor amidst the goriest of battles. That and breaking the fourth wall is what the movies are known for! But if this cut is anything like the teaser trailer, we may just have to see it in theaters. And fans of The Princess Bride might just say the same.

The hilarious and ever brutally honest Wade Wilson says it best. No one does childlike innocence like Fred Savage. The name sound familiar? It should! Fred Savage played the iconic role of the grandson in The Princess Bride, and it seems he’s stepping into that role again for this cut of Deadpool 2. Yes, Deadpool has tied poor Fred to the bed and is forcing him to listen to this (hopefully) wonderful story. Yep, we’re definitely intrigued now!

While the idea of a PG-13 cut originally worried us, we should have known better. If there’s anything the Deadpool team has, it’s a good sense of humor and a whole lot of creativity. It even seems they’re poking fun at the fact that this isn’t going to be as good as the original cut…which may just make it as good as the original cut. This sure sounds like a classic Deadpool move.

Watch the teaser for Once Upon A Deadpool down below.

Once Upon A Deadpool Hits Theaters December 12th, 2018. 


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