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Trailer Watch: The Epic Final Look At DC’s ‘Aquaman’ Is Here

We can't decide what we're more excited for: the battles, Atlantis, or shirtless Jason Momoa.

DC is on the precipice right now. Anyone can see that. They are either going to skyrocket into greatness, or crumble into dust. And their next few films will be the ones to determine that. With Aquaman only a month away from hitting theaters worldwide, it’s safe to say that fans are as worried as they are excited.

On Monday afternoon, Warner Brothers released the final trailer for the long-anticipated film starring Jason Momoa, and it isn’t an exaggeration to say that this looks like the most epic DC film we’ve seen in a while. Not only that, but if they pull this off, this could be one of the most epic comic book films ever! The amount of scenes that take place in Atlantis, underwater, is truly incredible. The battles both above and underwater look equally intense and the creatures are magnificent to behold. And with this trailer giving us a good look at Aquaman in his gold and green costume, with the trident in one hand, is bound to give you major goosebumps!

This film looks awesome, no one can deny that. But DC has a bad habit of over-hyping their films (Suicide Squad is the prime example). While DC has always been masters of marketing, their films have often faced backlash and disappointment from critics and fans alike. But Wonder Woman proved, unarguably, that DC is more than capable of bringing us amazing films that we’ll never tire of watching. And hopefully, we can add Aquaman to that list. But only time will tell! We can’t wait to see these battles on the big screen!

Watch the final trailer for DC’s Aquaman down below.


Aquaman Hits Theaters On December 21st, 2018. 


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