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Trailer Watch: We Officially Have Our First Look At ‘Toy Story 4’

Toy Story 3 ripped out our hearts, and if we know Disney/Pixar, the fourth one's going to be even more emotional.

Do you remember when Toy Story 3 happened, particularly the entire ending of it, and we all thought to ourselves, “At least we know it can’t get any more upsetting than this”?

Turns out we were wrong.

On Monday afternoon, Disney/Pixar dropped their first teaser trailer for the fourth installment of the classic film series, and already, we’re worried. From a teaser trailer! For a children’s movie!

The trailer starts off rather joyfully. Each of our favourite toys hold hands and dance in a circle with a beautiful, blue sky in the background. Everything’s happy in slow motion until the camera pans to a new, unfamiliar toy, who goes by the name of Forky. Forky is exactly what he sounds like. He is a plastic fork with googly eyes and red pipe-cleaners for arms, and he looks pretty terrified. He screams, “I don’t belong here!” as the toys begin to panic with him. And cue our terror.

If Disney/Pixar destroyed our emotions with Toy Story 3, there’s no question they’ll want to up their game with the fourth film. Toy Story 4 is bound to be even harder to watch (but also, most likely, even more amazing), than any of the others. If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that kid movies really know how to hit us in the feels. And we are not ready.

Watch the first teaser trailer for Toy Story 4 down below.

Toy Story 4 Hits Theaters In Summer 2019. 


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