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Taron Egerton Sings Every Note In ‘Rocketman’

Egerton, who plays the legendary Elton John, does all of his own singing in this upcoming biopic.

Taron Egerton, who many of you will know from Kingsman: The Secret Service, recently appeared on the Graham Norton Show, opening up about his upcoming film, Rocketman, a biopic where he plays the legendary Elton John. And from the sounds of it, he didn’t hold anything back for the movie.

For the role, Egerton both thinned out and shaved his hair off throughout the process of filming, which is why it looks so real. It actually is! But every single note that you hear sung in this film is actually Egerton himself singing. This is a massive achievement for so many reasons, especially when you consider the fact that most films about musicians use the audio from their performances. But no, Egerton does all his own singing in this. You even hear some of it in the trailer!

Egerton also got his ear pierced for the role, and as a gift, Elton John gave the young actor his very first diamond earring before they started shooting. John also worked as a producer on the film, which just gives us another reason to be excited. We have a feeling this film will be like no other.


Rocketman Hits Theaters In 2019. 


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