Tons Of Celebrities Are Sharing Photos And Videos For The Midterm Elections

Taylor Swift proved to us this year that celebrities can make a MAJOR difference in voter turnout.

Even though Fiction’s Mistress is based in Canada, we follow American politics as closely as anyone else. But in case you don’t know, today is Voting Day for the Midterm Elections, which is pretty huge. 2016 proved to us what can happen when voter turnout isn’t as high as it should be, which is why many celebrities are encouraging everyone from friends and family to Instagram followers to go out and vote.

Many people used to scoff at celebrities who shared selfies with their voting stickers or urged followers to vote. But it’s nothing to scoff at. Taylor Swift, who has famously remained silent about politics until this year, spoke up about how important it is and how she would be exercising her right to vote in hopes of a better future for America, and voter registration went up by 65,000 in a 24 hour period. Celebrities have a major platform, and they haven’t shied away from using it to their full advantage this year. Some voted early, some are voting today, and some, like Camila Mendes from Riverdale, faxed her absentee ballot over since they’re currently filming here in Canada! YouTube favourite Tyler Oakley even took to Grindr convincing strangers to vote! If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

Here are just some of the messages celebs shared.

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Today’s the day. #VOTE!…

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I voted! 🇺🇸 ✅ How about you?!

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Did You Vote?


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