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Carla Gugino Just Confirmed That This Character Was Murdered By [Spoiler] In ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’

The series never confirmed if it was the ghosts that killed two beloved characters in Hill House, but Olivia herself sets us straight.

It has been almost a month since Netflix released The Haunting Of Hill House, and we are still obsessing over all of the twists. And if you’ve seen the show, you’ll know just how many there were. But despite the truly brilliant ending, the series definitely left us with some questions. One of the big ones being whether or not Olivia and Nell actually killed themselves, or if it was the house and its residents responsible for their deaths. Well, thanks to Carla Gugino, we have the answer.

Gugino, who played the Crain children’s mother, Olivia, recently visited BuzzFeed and answered some of the internet’s most burning questions, and it’s no surprise that Olivia and Nell’s deaths both came up. After all, while Nell was still tortured by the house and the Bent-Neck Lady, she certainly didn’t seem suicidal when she was in Hill House for the last time. In fact, she almost seemed at peace. And when she realized she had a rope around her neck and was at the edge of the staircase, she looked truly terrified. And as Gugino confirms, it’s because she was terrified. She didn’t want to die, and she did not kill herself. It was Olivia that pushed her.

Now, Olivia was also pushed to her death by the ghost of Poppy Hill. But the difference between the two is massive. Their motives are completely different. Poppy is filled with an anger and, in a way, it seems she wants to help the house feed on its residents. But Olivia pushed Nell not to kill her, but because she thought she was saving her. She thought she was helping her daughter wake up from a terrible nightmare. But whatever her intentions, the truth remains. Nell didn’t kill herself, her mother killed her.

And we thought we were done crying over this show.

Watch the full interview down below.


The Haunting Of Hill House Is Streaming Now On Netflix. 


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