Trailer Watch

Trailer Watch: The First Trailer For ‘Five Feet Apart’ Is Here And We’re Already Crying

We needed tissues just for the trailer alone.

Grab a box of tissues. No, seriously. You’re going to need one for this trailer.

This Friday, the first teaser trailer dropped for a little film called Five Feet Apart. The film stars Haley Lu Richardson, who you may recognize from The Edge of Seventeen or Split, and Cole Sprouse, who, let’s be honest, needs no introduction (we’re big Riverdale fans here at Fiction’s Mistress). They play two people who both have cystic fibrosis, and the condition makes it incredibly dangerous for them to be within more than a few feet of another person, as they could catch their bacteria. But these two have an instant connection, and despite the rules in place to keep them safe, can they really go on forever without human touch? Without one another’s touch?

It’s rare that a trailer can affect you as deeply as this one does. Five Feet Apart promises to be a story of love, and asks us to question what life is without it. Directed by the incredible Justin Baldoni, who this year created his own web series titled Man Enough, I definitely am adding this to my list.

Watch the first teaser trailer for Five Feet Apart down below.


Five Feet Apart Will Be Released In March 2019. 

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