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Trailer Watch: The First Trailer For The Post-WWII Romantic Drama ‘The Aftermath’ Is Here

In this post-World War II sexy and thrilling drama, the wife of a British Colonel finds herself falling for the German man whose house she occupies during the reconstruction.

No one, I repeat, no one, does period dramas like Keira Knightley does. From Pride & Prejudice to The Imitation Game to Atonement and more, she suits period films like no other. Which is why it’s no surprise that she was cast as the leading lady in the upcoming post-World War II  romantic drama, The Aftermath.

The Aftermath takes place in 1946, just after the second World War ended. When Rachael’s (Knightley) husband, a British Colonel (Jason Clarke) is assigned to Hamburg, Germany during the post-war reconstruction, they are to live in a house currently occupied by a German man, Stefan (Alexander Skarsgård) and his daughter. And though they should be shortly sent to a camp, Rachael’s husband suggests they keep them on, live with them, even though he is leaving soon to resume his duties. And while she is fearful at first because of the rumors whispered in her ear, she soon grows close with Stefan. And so, during the aftermath of the war, so begins the affair.

The star-studded cast is incredible, and just from the trailer alone, it seems that Knightley and Skarsgård have a truly terrific chemistry. If you love a good period drama and some steamy romance, this is the film for you. 

Watch the first official trailer for The Aftermath down below.

The Aftermath
Hits Theaters In Spring 2019.


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