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The New ‘Doctor Who’ Opening Title Sequence Is Here And More Mesmerizing Than Ever

You might get a little dizzy watching this, in the best way possible.

When a new Doctor comes along, a few things come with them. And one of those things, of course, is a new title sequence. Each has its own spin, unique to the Doctor or, on an anniversary, the episode itself. Which is why Season 11’s new opening title sequence tells us quite a bit of what we can expect from our 13th Doctor.

Over the last ten years, the opening sequences have had increasingly more detail. From Matt Smith’s first sequence, where the TARDIS flies through the vortex while being struck by lightening, taking new twists and turns all the while, to Capaldi’s, which heavily featured clocks and even phased in a ghost-like glance at his eyes. Unlike the previous years, this sequence is not so complex. They’re heading back to basics. No extras, not even a TARDIS. This is a classic time vortex. Classic, but certainly not simple.

Extremely hypnotic, the word ‘psychedelic’ has been used by a few people to describe this sequence. Filled with vibrant purples, it’s impossible to tear your eyes away from, even if you find yourself getting a bit dizzy watching it. New theme for a new Doctor, and we’re loving both! What do you think?


Doctor Who Season 11 Airs On Sundays. 

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