Trailer Watch: The Symbiote Steals The Show In The Horrifying “Venom” Trailer

The internet has been abuzz with excited questions ever since it was announced last night that a new trailer for Venom would be dropping in less than 24 hours. Would we finally get a good look at the powerful symbiote? Maybe even hear him speak? The film is rumored to earn an R rating, is this trailer going to show us why?

Well, the newest trailer just dropped this morning. And wow…was it ever worth the wait.

The film’s second trailer essentially proves that it will be everything fans have been waiting for, AKA everything that Spider-Man 3 didn’t give us. You won’t be getting any emo vibes in this film. No, we’re going to be seeing the complicated relationship between Eddie and Venom. We’re going to watch as Eddie tries to fight him off, but eventually, accepts and welcomes him. “We are Venom”, he says eerily at the end of the action-packed trailer, his voice mixing with the symbiote’s. Seriously, this movie is not for the faint of heart. This is a full-blown horror, and honestly, we couldn’t be more excited, because that’s what Venom is. Venom is a ravenous nightmare. And from the looks of it, this movie may just do him justice. Not to mention the fact that we’re going to get to see a symbiote fight!

Check out the brand new Venom trailer down below.


Venom Hits Theaters This October.