Men And Women Come Forward In The Emotional, Powerful #MeToo Episode Of ‘Man Enough’

An hour long, this emotional episode examines what men can do to help evoke real change and join the #MeToo movement.

This year, Justin Baldoni created a web series Man Enough, and the goal was to create a unique space for men to talk about exactly what it means to be ‘man enough’. How is masculinity defined? How did the concept of traditional masculinity come about, and how can we end toxic masculinity? The series is about creating real change, being open, honest, accountable, and empathetic. Something our society desperately needs right now. The newest episode, which launched today, is by far the most powerful yet. Over an hour long, this episode is all about the Me Too Movement. And the steps that men can take to help make real change.

This episode is, at times, difficult to watch. This is not an easy conversation. It’s painful, in so many different ways, for so many different reasons. But it is so incredibly important. And I cannot thank Justin Baldoni enough for breaking ground by creating a space where men can join the Me Too Movement.

If we want to see change, particularly long-lasting change in our world, we need everyone to have the hard conversations, women and men alike. It isn’t just about people sharing their stories, it’s about people willing to listen. And as these men talk about in the episode, it’s about understanding that the bystander has the greatest ability to affect change.

I cried watching this episode, and I doubt I’m alone in that. In this episode, we hear from three women who have experienced sexual abuse and/or harassment. Watching these women share their stories is…well, it’s heartbreaking. But it’s empowering to know that these stories are going to help affect real change. We hear from Karen Alston, an activist and founder of The Spectrum Circle, along with Yazmin Monét Watkins, a spoken word poet and activist, and Alma Gonzalez, a mental health therapist. And there’s something that Gonzalez says that I really wanted to mention here because it is so important for all of us to remember.

“You can have the same traumatic response no matter what the situation may be.”

I’ve talked with a lot of people about the Me Too Movement, and it’s shocking how many people have this idea that certain kinds of sexual harassment are worse than others, and if it isn’t this or that, it isn’t really worth talking about. This is such a dangerous way of thinking, because the fact of the matter is that these problems in our society, in our world, started with the things that are deemed “small” or “not as bad”. “Boys will be boys” can no longer be an acceptable excuse. It just can’t be.

The episode also hears from Dr. Susan Brison, a Professor of Philosophy who also studies gender violence. We hear from men from so many different industries, from music to literature, film to athletics, we hear from Scooter Braun, Matt McGorry, Tony Porter, Jamey Heath, and Lewis Howes. And to watch these men talk about this difficult topic in an honest way, holding themselves accountable and allowing themselves to be vulnerable, is truly groundbreaking.

I urge everyone, men and women alike to watch this episode. Share it with your friends and family. This is the kind of powerful content that can affect real change. Please check it out. It’s available now (and you can watch completely for free), right here.

Man Enough Is Streaming Now. 

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